Quantum computing

Software Engineering 23-Mar-2021 Administrator (-)


How the information stored in the computer? 0’s and 1’s

What ever the information given, it will convert to binary format which machine can understand and store it.

For example 4 -> 0100

  • 0- 1st bit
  • 1-2nd bit
  • 0- 3rd bit
  • 0- 4th bit

So each bit is stored in 1 transistor.

  • Transistor is nothing but its act like a switch on/off, if its ON then the value will be 1, OFF – 0
  • In Traditional computers we may use trillion number of transistors inside the processor to perform the operation.
  • The speed will be total number transistors and the frequency of the processor.
  • It works on the probability – not immediately, it will take some time to process the data.