Tools & Techniques 22-Aug-2023 Sheik Mohamed (Team Leader)

ngrok is a cross-platform application that enables developers to expose a local server to the Internet with minimal effort.

The software makes your locally-hosted web server appear to be hosted on a subdomain of, By using this we can share our data to outside by producing the public ip.

Ngrok guidelines

Step1: Install Ngrok package in the local system


Step2: Create the account in Ngrok


Step3: Replace token in Ngrok.yaml file

            Copy the Authentication token from your account and replace it in your local Ngrok.yaml file which is located in C drive.

Step4: Open the PowerShell and use the following command

- Make the directly shared in the local machine
- Type “
ngrok http file:///C:UsersTestshared” and press Enter

Step5: browse ‘’
Step6: Copy the public ip url and check with another pc


If you want to stop sharing use the following command to stop it.
taskkill /f /im ngrok.exe